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Based on extensive expertise and experience in information technology, especially in big data and data mining tools, appecon is expanding its services into healthcare and life sciences.

aixonomics™, geared specifically to the practicing clinicians in routine care, provides a new informatics platform for the integration of relevant clinical and omics data from open source databases with patient results generated during appropriate diagnostic assessments.

This consolidation of information supports clinicians in their daily work by enabling easier determination of targeted therapy for the patient while providing additional insights into the interpretation of patient laboratory outcomes in the diagnosis of disease.

Upon approval of the diagnosing physician, results can be displayed in a comprehensible layman’s representation for patient understanding, facilitating ease in patient-doctor discussions.

The interface of this platform is designed under the collaboration and direct feedback of care givers from academic, and importantly from regional hospitals.

This decision support resource enables and encourages the continued implementation of genomic medicine into daily routine care for sustainable healthcare practice.

Advancing Personalised Care

Sustaining Healthcare

In a joint research project besides the genomic and transcriptomic data numerous other pre-, intra- and post-operative parameters will be assessed.

They will be selected and weighted. 20-30 parameters with relevance to an innovative Decision Support System will be consolidated from the big diversity of data.

For each individual patient a set of highly personalized therapies will be depicted with the help of „Risk-Heatmaps“.

Benefits of aixonomics™

Cost saving

Sustaining healthcare by limiting sequencing analyses of possible disease genetic elements to a selected subset and thus reducing diagnostic costs related to complex molecular technologies

Time saving

Ensuring clinicians and laboratory analysts to evaluate and interpret data from selected genetic elements with high value for diagnostics and targeted therapy

Effective clinical practice

Enabling quicker progression to individualized target therapy by applying discriminatory sequencing of selected disease genetic markers, identified by data mining of open source databases based on patient information

Innovative IT Platform

Decision support

Decision support to the clinician for diagnosis of disease and for target drug therapy by incorporating relevant information from open source databases

Routine care

Direct participation by pathologists, oncologists, and clinical chemists ensuring compatibility of informatics platform with routine care

Precision medicine

Development of new databases focusing on agnostic patient diagnostic outcomes and drug performance evaluation for personalised and precision medicine

Daily needs

Designed to meet the daily needs of the practicing physicians by providing tools for interpretation of diagnostic outcomes and interface facilitating doctor-patient discussions

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